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Marlène : Au Pair of the year dans le Vermont


Chaque année, nous demandons à nos familles d'accueil de nominer leur fantastique Au Pair pour l'Award de l'Au Pair de l'année. Ce concours est sponsorisé par l'International Au Pair Association (IAPA). En plus de présenter 3 finalistes à l'IAPA pour ce prestigieux prix, Cultural Care Au Pair élit un Au Pair par Etat. Cette année deux françaises ont reçu ce prix ! Marlène pour l'Etat du Vermont et Sophie pour l'Etat de New York. Nous sommes fière de vous présenter le témoignage de leur familles d'accueil.


"Marlene truly is exceptional. I'm a single mother with two older children away at school. I have had 13 Au pairs over the years and I never nominated one until now.

She is extremely conscientious helping Caroline who is challenged with severe dyslexia by helping her learn her subjects while teaching her self-confidence and perseverance. Even in the most stressful situations, she is patient and kind. Marlene arrived just as I was recovering from breast cancer she helped Caroline feel safe again in a very uncertain world. I took a risk with Marlene because her English level was low. Upon arrival she embraced the idea of an English tutor and study hard to get up to par.
It is not just the excellence of her quality of work: cooking, driving, homework help, emotional help, laundry, cleaning, being prompt, courteous and kind, but ALL of the other unsaid qualities that truly set her apart. Never do I need to ask for her help, she always steps in and often offers to help on her free time. She is a loving MENTOR for Caroline, as a big sister, a loving teacher, as a snowboarder and as a guiding star... Marlene has competed in local races for charity, a 3 mile long Paddle board competition on Lake Champlain. She also volunteers at Caroline's school, teaching the children about Europe and French Culture.
Marlene has a strong desire to learn about our culture, language and people and on her free time, she often travels and can’t wait to get ‘home’ to her host family and tell us all about her experiences.
Every day she shares with us new culture discoveries with a laugh and sparkle, and often laughs at herself. She is selfless and so very loving. She will forever be in our family."

Encore toutes nos félicitations Marlène !

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