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Claire : Au Pair of the year dans l'Utah !


Chaque année, nous demandons à nos familles d'accueil de nominer leur fantastique Au Pair pour l'Award de l'Au Pair de l'année. Ce concours est sponsorisé par l'International Au Pair Association (IAPA). En plus de présenter 3 finalistes à l'IAPA pour ce prestigieux prix, Cultural Care Au Pair élit un Au Pair par Etat. Cette année deux françaises ont reçu ce prix ! Marine dans le Nevada et Claire dans l'Utah. Nous sommes fiers de vous présenter le témoignage de leur famille d'accueil.


"Our family has been extremely blessed this past year by two new additions, our beautiful baby boy, Harrison Nevon Joseph, and our kind an amazing Au Pair, Claire. The decision to have an Au Pair join our family was not an easy one, we had several concerns: having a stranger live in our home; leaving our precious baby with someone we know little; the stresses of having a new baby and a new adult changing the family dynamic; how our dog Simba would react to the changes. All of these concerns were quickly put to rest when Claire arrived in May 2014. We picked her up from the airport and right away her warmth, caring spirit and unbelievable kindness filled our home. Simba even took to her right away, and all 100+ pounds of him tried to sit on her lap. Claire has truly become a member of our family. She is always willing and eager to go beyond what her “duties” require of her. I come home from a long day of work to find the house organized, dinner cooked, groceries purchased, the baby, happy, engaged and giggling and the dog blissfully relaxing on the couch. I could not ask for more.
Almost every day my husband and I discuss the heartbreak we will feel when she returns to her home in France, but have been unbelievably thankful for everything she has done for our family. Being a first time mom and working full time, I many times find my heart being pulled in two different directions, as to whether I should work or stay at home with my baby, but this is eased by having someone like Claire to share the parenting duties with. Our experience with Claire has been beyond positive and it is difficult to share the gratitude and love that we have for her, but hopefully this nomination will serve as a small token. Claire is always open to constructive criticism, which is rarely shared, because she is generally so great, and is open to sharing her concerns with us. This open communication makes this experience one that is easy to navigate and one that thrives. Anyone who meets Claire can instantly feel her positive presence and kindness. She is not only loving, but so fun to be around and we enjoy our dinners where we just sit around and discuss politics, movies, music and food. Claire is a unique person, and anyone who is able to have her in their lives is blessed, and our little family has been beyond blessed!"

Encore toutes nos félicitations, Claire !

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