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Sophie : Au Pair of the year à New York



Chaque année, nous demandons à nos familles d'accueil de nominer leur fantastique Au Pair pour l'Award de l'Au Pair de l'année. Ce concours est sponsorisé par l'International Au Pair Association (IAPA). En plus de présenter 3 finalistes à l'IAPA pour ce prestigieux prix, Cultural Care Au Pair élit un Au Pair par Etat. Cette année deux françaises ont reçu ce prix ! Sophie pour l'Etat de New York et Marlène pour l'Etat du Vermont. Nous sommes fière de vous présenter le témoignage de leur famille d'accueil.

"Sophie is our seventh au pair. And although we have had wonderful experiences with all of our au pairs, continuing close friendships with most of them, we can safely say that we hope to never lose contact with Sophie, and hope she will continue to be part of our family for the rest of our lives.
Sophie is what the au pair program is all about, and demonstrates this each and every day. She has vastly improved her English language skills while becoming a member of our family, immersing herself in the American way of life, even when it's just the daily grind. Sophie works the full 45 hours a week in our busy and noisy house, but never fails to help out and contribute as a member of the family "after hours." Sophie has overcome intense homesickness by giving her time and love to our children and family. Besides her relations hip with the children, she takes the time to get to know her host parents, watching baseball and learning about being a proper Yankee fan with her host dad, and developing a friendship with her host mom.
Thank you for your daily persistence, patience, flexibility, for letting the kids hang out in your room after hours, for putting up with the noise and craziness of our lives with humor. You truly ARE what the au pair program is all about, and you make our lives complete.”

Toutes nos félicitations Sophie !

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